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First Aid at Work (FAW) Level 3
Online and Blended Two Day Paediatric First Aid
First Aid & CPR for small and large pets

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Welcome to First Aid Training

Someone can die in 4 minutes
You can be taught how to Save a Life in 4 minutes

picture of accidentObviously you are not going to become a fully-fledged First Aider after just four minutes training; you need a full range of skills and repeated practice. However, simple, life-saving First Aid only takes minutes to learn.

First Aid is a practical skill and there is a strong practical element to the courses with plenty of time to practice and ask questions. The owner, Andy practices what he teaches and so is not approaching it from a theoretical or historic viewpoint. Some Training Organisations use tutors that don't have direct practical experience.

4Minutes uses Trainers across the UK, so if you are looking for a First Aid Course either as an individual or as a Group Booking, then Contact us with your requirements. We usually will get back to you within one working day, but if there is some urgency or complication, do call us directly.

4 Minutes does not provide First Aid cover for Events, but we do work with a number of Event First Aid Companies, so get in touch and we'll pass your details on.

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What First Aid Course is right for me?

Workplace First Aid

Workplace First AidThis can broadly be split into workplaces that involve some form of childcare and those that don't. Within each of those, there are different courses available. If you are providing Childcare, then you will probably be aware of the course that you need as it will be dictated by your Governing Body (e.g. OFSTED). If you are not providing childcare, then it will be one of 'Appointed Person', 'Emergency First Aid at Work' or 'First Aid at Work' depending upon the level of risk at work and the size of your workforce at your site or office.

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First Aid At Home

Home First AidDo you look after a child or baby whilst the parent(s) have to go out to work? In this day and age it is increasingly common for grandparents to act 'in loco parentis' whilst a single parent has to work, or both parents have to work. Would you know what to do if the child or baby started choking or fitting?

Do you have elderly relatives or a child heading to University or College or embarking on a round-the-world gap year. Is your son or daughter picking up pocket mony babysitting? Do you want an extra skill to put onto your Curriculum Vitae?

4 Minutes runs a number of courses that will prepare you or a relative for such emergencies. They are very informal, laid back non-certified courses and can be run at your own home (subject to space). Think of them as 21st Century Tupperware parties!

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Not convinced?

"We all went to the pub after and said how much we enjoyed it. It was perfect for our needs, just the right amount of information and your style was just what we were after. Highly recommended!"

Fiona Norman, Holyport

"V. Enjoyable Course which led to easy learning of the skills!"

Student on Appointed Person course, Iver, Bucks

"I found the 1/2 day training very informative and not at all boring. Well worth the 4 hours"

Student on Appointed Person course, Iver, Bucks

7th Grader has a Cardiac Arrest at School - saved by CPR and a defibrillator


Bondi Beach PR photoshoot interrupted by a Cardiac Arrest - saved by CPR and a defibrillator