First Aid for parents, grandparents and other relatives

Course duration:

Home: 2 hours

Certification: Certificate of Attendance

Minimum age: 14 years

 This course is intended to give a grounding in immediate basic baby and child life saving techniques within a home environment and is not a substitiute for a full first aid course. It is laid back and as there is no set syllabus we can discuss concerns specific to you as part of the course. This course is suitable for new parents, grandparents and siblings etc.

If you look after a child or baby and payment occurs for the child (babysitter, nanny, au pair for example) then you need a more comprehensive course. Tw are available, depending upon whether you plan (or have) to register with Ofsted. Look at our 1-day Emergency Paediatric and 2-day Paediatric courses instead.

If you have concerns for all your famiy, not just the young ones, then our Family First Aid course will be more appropriate. Click here to find out more.

NOTE: This course is only run as a Group Booking. Get a group of like-minded friends together and have a fun couple of hours, whilst learning First Aid skills. Contact 4Minutes to arrange a date and time. The more you get, the cheaper per person it becomes.

Syllabus: The following topics are all covered:

Core Skills

Child specific issues (excluding CPR)

Home Course

Contact us directly to arrange a Bespoke course at a time and place to suit you.