First Aid for Sports staff

Course duration:

Classroom: 6 hours (1 day)

Online only: 4+ hours online video Training

Also consider the 1 or 2-day Paediatric course or the Emergency First Aid at Work Qualification

Certification: Certified course, certificate valid for three years. 5 hours CPD Certificate.

Minimum age: No minimum age

This course is aimed at anyone who requires a course in sports first aid such as coaches, martial arts instructors etc. The course is available as a classroom or online course. The certificate is valid for 3 years and a recommended annual refresher can be done online.

This course covers basic first aid and is aimed at people who need first aid who work in various sports sectors. It not only covers basic first aid but also all the specific problems that arise in sports. Primary and secondary subjects are covered, including soft tissue injuries, head injuries, types of cuts, and many illnesses that could arise.

All our first aid courses fully meet the UK and European Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2015 as per the HSE requirements.

It is suitable for:

Classroom Course

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Please note that at the moment, 4Minutes is not running the scheduled courses due to lack of demand. It is, however, more than happy to run a Bespoke course at a time and place to suit you. Generally speaking, a school will put several of its staff through the course at once rather than in 1's and 2's. This has the advantage of you being able to pick the time and place as well as benefitting from a Group discount.

Contact us directly to arrange a Bespoke course at a time and place to suit you.

Online Course

4Minutes recommends that you take the Classroom version of hte course to ensure that you do get a chance to practice the skills and receive feedback form the Instructor. However, if you are confident with your skills, you can take the online version.

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The Online course does not include any practial practice. You can add a Skills Session with 4Minutes afterwards to practice.