If you are unsure as to what First Aid course you need, do check this list out. Clearly this page is a work in Progress and any input / additions will be more than welcome. Click here to drop us a line.

Disclaimer: This page is accurate as far as we can tell, however you should not rely on the information here, but check with your Governing Body for the final word. We cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies.

Yes = This course meets the requirements of the Governing Body Qualification (as far as we can tell)
Confirmed = The Governing Body has confirmed in writing that this course meets its requirements
No = This course does not meet the requirements – usually because required topics are not covered.

Sports / Fitness courses

Governing BodyEFAWIndoor Sports & Dance instructorsCert. Sports and Fitness
England Netball L2 coachYESNOYES