Notes that were previously highlighted on the regular Newsletter are listed here. The originals were padding out the Newsletters too much. Newest at the top.

Changes to ITC Assessment 2/9/2018

Some of you will be aware that ITC have brought in written Assessment Papers. There is now a 4-question paper for EFAW and an additional 8-question paper for FAW. PFA will follow in due course.

The kicker is that these are both 100% pass mark. My personal view is that it is over the top and making certain subjects compulsory, when they are not compulsory in the HSE (E)FAW assessment specification. e.g there is a question about PTSD. If a student gets it wrong they fail the EFAW which seems wrong to me.

Thoughts are invited. It seems that at least one other AO has also taken this approach but a straw poll of some of 4 Minutes’ trainers show that they are unaware of this change and don’t currently teach PSTD at FAW level. The Manuals I have to hand do not mention PTSD.

Some questions have been raised about the content of the Guides with ITC, so there may well be amendments. The End of Course Form needs to be amended, too. This hasn’t happened yet.

The long and short is that as of 1st September, any Trainer delivering an ITC (E)FAW (whether for 4 Minutes or not) has to deliver the content to allow these questions to be answered. Here is a link to the changes:

Please familiarise yourself with the questions and the guidelines and amend your training material accordingly. We will be asking you to confirm that you have implemented the changes for any courses that you want to deliver for us.


Complaints and/or GDPR

If you deliver a course for us, please can you make sure that your course introduction includes something to the effect that if a student has an issue with the course to raise it in the first instance with yourself as Trainer. If that fails to resolve it, they should then be referred to the 4 Minutes Website ( for the full complaints policy and procedure. Not that it will be needed, I’m sure.

Student Registration Form

You will see a different Registration Form from now onwards that includes a tick box to explicitly opt-in to 4 Minutes’ Newsletter (it used to be a soft opt-in, now it has to be explicit). It should be self-explanatory, but again, if the students have any questions about their data, please refer them to the 4 Minutes Website for our Policies.

Your Profile

If you are registered with ITC, please make sure that you keep your Training Log and CPD log updated. You must carry out a minimum of 6 hours CPD a year. Any courses that you teach via ITC will automatically get recorded. If you wish to add any courses that you have taught outside ITC you can do so via your login. If you are part of the 4 Minutes Centre and don’t know your login details, please do get in touch.


If you are an ITC Trainer for us, please ensure that you have downloaded and printed some Referral Forms for the course that you are delivering in case you need to refer a student. We do not send these out as a matter of course, but they are available for download from your Course Supporting documentation on ITC. They must be returned to us along with the course paperwork.

Failing a student

If you need to fail a student (and it does happen), please can you document on the day the reasons for failing, the attempts that you made to assist them (including any adaptations etc) along with any other useful info and send a copy of the report to us as soon as is practical and certainly ahead of / with the paperwork.

Your Courses

If you want us to advertise any public courses that you run, please get in touch to discuss further. Some of you already do and it’s a good way of topping up numbers. It’s free to advertise and just a 10% commission to pay for each successful referral.