Notes that were previously highlighted on the regular Newsletter are listed here. The originals were padding out the Newsletters too much. Newest at the top. These will get deleted as time goes on, leaving only the relevant ones.

Also on this page are links to documents that you might find useful. You may wish to download and print some in case you don’t have access to the Internet or a printer on site.

We have not provided download links to ITC and ProTrainings documents. We are not always advised if they are updated. You should log onto those websites & download from there to ensure that you always have the latest documents

Manuals and fobs

If you deliver course we will normally sent out 12 manuals, fobs and sets of paperwork unless we know specific numbers.  Unused items are to be returned along with unused & complete paperwork. Your quote should include the cost of returning these.

All course material is shipped out in a sturdy box, so do feel free to recycle these back to us with the unused items inside. This will give us closure on each course then.

Rainforest depletion reduction scheme.

i. ITC provides a variety of checklists for various CPR scenarios as well as an overall Learning Outcomes sheet. These are all available via your login on the ITC Website. If you do not think that you have a login, let me know and I will look into it (ITC Approved Trainers only)

ii. Referral paperwork. Very few students get referred or failed so there is no point sending out 12 sets each time just in case. Please log on to ITC / ProTrainings and download & print a small float for each course type and file somewhere safe. If you would like us to send you a float, just say which Organisation (ITC or ProTrainings) and how many copies. Happy to oblige next time we send out course materials.

Complaints and/or GDPR

If you deliver a course for us, please can you make sure that your verbal course introduction includes something to the effect that if a student has an issue with the course to raise it in the first instance with yourself as Trainer. If that fails to resolve it, they should then be referred to the 4 Minutes Website ( for the full complaints policy and procedure. Not that it will be needed, I’m sure.

Your Profile

If you are registered with ITC, please make sure that you keep your Training Log and CPD log updated. You must carry out a minimum of 6 hours CPD a year. Any courses that you teach via ITC will automatically get recorded. If you wish to add any courses that you have taught outside ITC you can do so via your login. If you are part of the 4 Minutes Centre and don’t know your login details, please do get in touch.

Failing a student

If you need to fail a student (and it does happen), please can you document on the day the reasons for failing, the attempts that you made to assist them (including any adaptations etc) along with any other useful info and send a copy of the report to us as soon as is practical and certainly ahead of / with the paperwork.

You are welcome to call us for a chat if we are available.


Useful stuff that you might want to download copies of just in case.

Generic Risk Assessment (RA)

Whenever you turn up to a venue you should always carry out a RA. This does not necessarily need to be documented as we are too small for that to be a requirement, however this form will give yo an idea of things to consider and we strongly suggest that if you do find something amiss that you complete one to cover yourself. Updated to include COVID-19 RA

Generic Welcome Sheet (accredited)

Included in case you run out or forget to take them

COVID-19 Assessment Sheet

This is the sheet currently in use to screen students as the arrive. You will be sent one, so this is for reference if you forget to take one.

CPR / AED Assessment sheet

This sheet can be used by you as a new Trainer to ensure all steps are taken during a CPR and/or AED assessment

Course internal register

Internal register in case you forget to take one.

Registration Form – Large Print

We should be aware of the need for this in our pre-course questionnaire, but just in case.

Feedback Form – Large Print