4 Minutes Training Ltd (‘4 Minutes’) is interested in purchasing a Business ("Business"). The Advisor ("Advisor") for the Business Vendor ("Vendor") has asked 4 Minutes to sign a Confidentiality Agreement, which it has done. Before 4 Minutes can discuss this with a third party (Third Party", "You"), 4 Minutes agrees to ensure that the Third Party also signs a similar Confidentiality Agreement.

The fact that the Business is for sale and any information relating to the Business (‘Information’) which 4 Minutes may send to You is strictly confidential. Therefore, before sending You any Information, You must indicate, using the form below, for Yourself or on behalf of the corporate entity/ies You represent, Your agreement to abide by the terms of the following Agreement:

You agree:

- To hold in confidence the identity of the Business.
- To hold in confidence the Information.
- To use the Information only for evaluation purposes, and to limit distribution of the Information to potential investors and other parties who have signed a binding confidentiality agreement with 4 Minutes.
- On demand to return the Information to 4 Minutes or to destroy it and not retain copies.
- On demand to provide a signed copy of this agreement.

This Agreement will:

- Terminate with the written consent of both parties or in any event after 2 years from the date of electronic submission of this document.
- Not apply to any Information found to be in the public domain.
- Not apply to any Information which is published or otherwise becomes part of the public domain through no fault of You.
- Not apply to any Information which is already known to You.
- Apply equally to each and every business about which 4 Minutes sends You any Information.

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