If you want to Book us for a Private course you will need to provide the venue. This can be at your Site or you can Book & pay for a local village hall / Business Centre Meeting room. We will turn up to the venue and deliver the course there.

What do we want from a venue? There are some mandatory requirements and then there are also some ‘nice to haves’.


Shelter. Clearly an indoor venue is ideal, however we have delivered courses off-grid in remote parts of the UK:

This was an Outdoor-focussed course for an outdoor operating Client. We still do need protection from rain, however as our equipment (especially the manikins) don’t cope very well when wet.

For a workplace course an indoor environment (room, hall etc) works best.

For Outdoor courses (including Forest School) then a mixture of indoor and outdoor is ideal. This allows us to teach the basics inside, then set some scenarios in a typical outdoor location.


  • Parking on-site – our trainers carry a lot of kit, so only having a short walk to unload is very much appreciated, as is a ground floor room or upper floor room with lift access. If there are charges for parking this will be added to our costs. We reserve the Right to not quote if there is no on-site parking. London, for instance would be a no-no for us without parking at your venue.
  • Ramped and/or lift access
  • Access at least 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the course to set up and to pack up. If a course starts at 9, we can’t have the building opening at that time as well.


  • Size – at least 40m2 (360 sq ft) of clear floor space, that is over & above any seating or tables. There are floor-based practical elements such as CPR and the Recovery Position so there needs to be enough space for this, away from any seating or tables.
  • Furniture – seating for all (learners + trainer) plus a couple of tables for the trainer
  • Temperature – typical office temperature and, ideally, adjustable. There are periods of sitting and also activity.
  • Ventilation – opening windows
  • Lighting – good levels as there may well be written tests at the end
  • Toilet facilities nearby – nuff said.
  • Catering – provision of hot drinks goes down well with learners and trainers alike!
  • Health and Safety – complies with H&S requirements – fire exits, extinguishers etc. Our Trainers will always carry out a Risk Assessment on the venue and the room and reserve the Right to not deliver the course if they consider it unsafe. Course fees will still be due, however if it is cancelled on safety grounds through no fault of our own. If you are in any doubt please do discuss with us beforehand.

Nice to haves

Often our trainers will come self-contained with enough equipment and sustenance, but it does mean less to unload and makes the day go better if any of the following can be provided:-

  • Soft floor – carpet / sports mats etc. for the learners’ comfort
  • Projector and screen
  • Whiteboard / flipchart
  • WiFi
  • Catering – lunch!
  • Assistance unloading and loading if the room is a distance from the parking

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