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All Churches need to be prepared should someone fall ill or injure themselves at the Church.

The Church has a duty of care over anyone that visits, from parishioners to volunteers to children at Sunday School or at similar activities. This course will cover typical First Aid situations that may occur at a Church gathering.

Which course to choose?

The main courses that you can choose for a typical Church are:

Emergency First Aid at Work, which covers the Workplace requirements, but doesn’t deal with looking after children

Emergency Paediatric First Aid which deals with children and infants (infant First Aid requirements are not usually needed for a church as they will be supervised by parents) but not workplace requirements.

As you can see, to cover all bases, staff and volunteers may need to attend two courses and there is a lot of overlap in their syllabuses, leading to a lot of repetition.

4 Minutes Training has created a “First Aid for Churches” course that takes the best of these two syllabuses. This course is only run as a Private Group Booking of up to 12 people.


All Certificates issued are in electronic (PDF) format. They will be sent to the person (or organisation) that organised the Booking in order for them to be distributed to the student(s).

Course Duration (excluding breaks)

6 hours

Maximum students per course


Minimum age


Individual Price

n/a Group Bookings only

Group price

£550 + VAT

Group Pricing assumes that the Client provides a suitable training venue. Click here for venue requirements

Whilst we try and maintain a fixed cost for our courses, our prices may be subject to an additional fuel charge if your location is a distance away from our nearest trainer to you.

There is a £50 supplement per day if that day is a Sunday or Bank Holiday.

Whenever a casualty is mentioned it includes a child (1 – 18 years) if appropriate. This course does not cover infant First Aid as, generally speaking, any infants will not be present without a parent / guardian.

  • Action at an emergency / priorities / Record Keeping
  • Dealing with an unresponsive casualty who is breathing
  • Dealing with an unresponsive casualty who is not breathing
  • Use of an Automated External Defibrillator
  • Dealing with a casualty who is choking
  • Dealing with a casualty who is bleeding – including nosebleeds
  • Dealing with a casualty who is having an allergic reaction
  • Dealing with a casualty who has an acute medical condition such as a suspected heart attack, stroke, asthma, diabetes or seizure

The course is delivered over 7 hours – the syllabus is 5 hours and an hour is factored in for breaks. By mutual agreement with the Trainer, the break time may be reduced in exchange for a shorter day.