Whilst we don’t mind you calling or emailing us with questions, a lot of questions that we get asked are answered on this website and it may answer your question(s) a bit more quickly than an email or call might, especially if we are teaching. Click here to read our FAQs

Individual place(s)

All public course are listed on our Course Date page. If it is not listed, we are not running it – sorry. Consider a Private Group Booking instead?

Group Booking

A Group Booking can save you money compared to individual places and can be held at a time and place convenient to you. Complete the Form, remembering to check the ‘Group Booking’ button. We can run a Group Booking for you wherever you are in the UK as long as you can provide a suitable room.

General Enquiry

Please contact us at info@4minutes.co.uk or complete this Form:

    Individual PlaceGroup BookingGeneral enquiry


    If you don’t want to email us (we prefer it if you do as we can give you a fuller answer) you can telephone us on 01628 56 99 22 during office hours. A real human will always answer.

    Newsletter Subscription

    You can subscribe to our monthly Newsletter here. It’s full of information, updates, offers and other snippets that you might find interesting. We don’t send them out more than once a month and we certainly don’t pass your details on to anyone at all.


    I am looking for a place just for me. Do you have any public courses running near me?

    All our current and future public courses are listed on our Calendar page. If it is not there, there is nothing scheduled – sorry. We don’t maintain a waiting list. As soon as we create a public course it will be listed here, so it is as up to date as possible. If your course needs are not listed, keep checking back on the Calendar page or take a look at the next question.

    Do you run private courses for small groups – or even individuals?

    Yes. All our courses will accept up to 12 people. We often run them for fewer people and even individuals, however please bear in mind that our costs are pretty much fixed (the trainer, for example, gets paid the same amount for 1 learner as for 12) so the more you have the cheaper it is per person. That might be acceptable to you as the convenience of us coming to you on a suitable date outweighs the additional cost of sending them to public courses.

    In addition, we don’t mind if you club together with another Organisation or even resell places. As long as you manage any third-party payments we will teach whoever is present on the day. This can drastically reduce your costs as individual prices tend to be about twice the per-person cost for a Group Booking. Look at the individual price for our specific courses to get an idea of how much you can charge.

    How much is a Group Booking?

    All our prices are on the page for that specific course. We don’t hide behind a ‘Call Us’ button. Look at the page for the course that you want for prices.

    What dates do you have available?

    We don’t know! It depends where you are and how soon you want the course. When we know that, and you want to go ahead we can check Trainer availability. Once you have looked at our course details and prices and are happy to go ahead, get in touch and we can then discuss dates that suit both you and us.

    As a very rough rule of thumb, we normally are mostly Booked up in the next 2-3 weeks. Further afield we can usually find more date choices and if you want a 2 or 3 day course please let us know as early as possible, especially if you need consecutive dates (multi-day courses do not need to be consecutive dates for Certification purposes, although it does make life easier for both you and our trainer if they are).

    Inset days are our busiest days and get Booked a year or two in advance (yes, really!). If it needs to be an inset day, do get in touch now!

    If you are desperate, though, do get in touch. We might just have some availability in the next few days! If you don’t ask…

    I want just a short course for my family. Do you run these?

    Yes, we can do, but only in the East Berkshire / South Bucks area near our Office and not in the evenings or weekends. It is also worth looking at our online-only First Aid courses, especially if it is just a Refresher.