What is Martyn’s Law?

Figen Murray is the force behind Martyn’s Law, an act of legislation that is currently going through parliament.

On 22nd May 2017 there was a Terrorist Bombing at Manchester Arena (Ariane Grande Concert). Martyn Hett was one of the many victims and there were shortcomings in the Emergency Response.

Martyn’s Mother, Figen Murry has since campaigned to improve security and preparedness at similar events.

What will Martyn’s Law do?

It will require venues over a certain capacity to implement actions that will minimise the impact of Terrorism and reduce harm.

There will be two tiers – 100 – 799 capacity and 800+ capacity (enhanced)

Standard tier

  • undertake low-cost, simple yet effective activities to improve preparedness.
  • training
  • information sharing
  • completion of a preparedness plan to embed practices, such as locking doors to delay attackers progress
  • knowledge on lifesaving treatments that can be administered by staff whilst awaiting emergency services.

Enhanced tier

In addition to the above:

  • required to undertake a risk assessment to inform the development and implementation of a thorough security plan
  • Subsequent measures could include
    • developing a vigilance and security culture
    • implementation of physical measures like CCTV
    • new systems and processes to enable better consideration of security

From the UK Government Website:

The government will establish an inspection and enforcement regime, promoting compliance and positive cultural change and issuing credible and fair sanctions for serious breaches.

Dedicated statutory guidance and bespoke support will be provided by the government to ensure those in scope can effectively discharge their responsibilities, with even small venues also able to benefit from this and take voluntary action. Expert advice, training and guidance is also already available on the online protective security hub, ProtectUK.

Martyn’s Law will extend to and apply across the whole of the United Kingdom and the government will publish draft legislation in the early spring to ensure the law stands the test of time.


What stage is Martyn’s Law at?

On Tuesday 7th November, the King’s Speech set out the programme of legislation that the Government intends to pursue in the forthcoming Parliamentary session. The Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill was included. The Bill is also known as ‘Martyn’s Law’ in tribute to Martyn Hett, who was tragically killed alongside 21 others in the Manchester Arena terrorist attack in 2017.

Ahead of introduction to Parliament, the government intends to launch a public consultation on the standard tier ensuring the Bill strikes the right balance between public protection and avoiding undue burdens on smaller premises, such as village halls and other community venues.



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