Picture of Public Access Trauma Kit

Following the Araina Grande Concert Manchester Arena Terrorist Attack, the subsequent enquiry highlighted a ‘care gap’ between an incident and the arrival of Emergency Services.

During this time, critically injured people are at their most vulnerable and can die if prompt First Aid treatment is not carried out.

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office, in collaboration with medical experts, has launched a Public Access Trauma (PAcT) First Aid Kit. The kit is designed to support members of the public with first aid for terrorism-related injuries when emergency services aren’t nearby.

Benefits of a PAcT First Aid Kit:

  • Can be used by an injured person to treat themself
  • Designed to be used by anyone, even young people and people have had no medical training
  • Are recognised by emergency services UK-wide, helping them to form part of a paramedic’s first aid response
  • Supports the treatment of life-threatening injuries including major bleeding, uresponsiveness and irregular or absent breathing

All Public Accessible Locations (PALS) such as Stadiums, Arenas, Museums, Bars, Restaurants and anywhere the public congregate should have at least one and these kits should be located in areas that are easily accessible to the public. Each PAcT can treat 2-4 people, depending on their injuries – they do not, however, replace existing First Aid kit requirements, but supplant them.

Contents of a Public Access Trauma Kit

Trauma Dressings4
Triangular Bandage – Calico2
S.T.A.T Tourniquet2
Gloves – Vinyl in Pairs4
Face Masks4
Safety Goggles4

The role of the PAcT Kit extends beyond immediate on-site assistance. Recognised by emergency services across the UK, it supplements a paramedic’s first aid response. It also supports the treatment of severe injuries, including major bleeding, unresponsiveness, and irregular or absent breathing.