Motorbike Accident

The Motorcycle First Aid course is designed to teach first Aid for motorcyclists that are injured, possibly in a remote location where professional help may take a while to arrive.

Motorcycle injuries have characteristics, not found in typical workplace accidents and this course is designed around issues that the motorcyclist may have.

Course Duration (excluding breaks)

6 hours

Maximum students per course


Minimum age


Individual Price

n/a Group Bookings only

Group price


Group Pricing assumes that the Client provides a suitable training venue

The course will cover:

  • Safe best practice, protecting the scene
  • Moving and handling techniques
  • A systematic approach to incident management
  • Unconsciousness, causes and treatment
  • External bleeding, internal bleeding and shock including road rash
  • Crush injuries
  • Resuscitation procedures including choking
  • Spinal management
  • Helmet removal, when to and how to
  • Simulated incidents using your own bike gear