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4 Minutes, whilst delivering courses Nationally, is a small, privately-owned Business and relies a lot on reputation and recommendations. You can see from our Feedback page that we have a lot of happy learners volunteering their feedback freely. Now, separate from the feedback forms, we’d like to incentivise you to recommend us to friends and colleagues.

We would love it if you would recommend us to your friends and colleagues. If you make enough recommendations that 5 Bookings are made we will send you a ‘thank you’ gift. If you make enough recommendations that a further 5 Bookings are made (10 in total) we will refund you the cost of your course (or Credit against a future one if that is easier for you).

That’s it. There is no limit. Every additional 5 Bookings will see you rewarded with either a gift (5, 15, 25 etc) or the equivalent cost of your course (10, 20, 30 etc).

Here are the rules in a bit more detail

  1. This is completely unconnected with feedback. Please keep giving us honest feedback after courses as that is how we improve. You still qualify for this incentive whether you give us 1 star or 5 stars.
  2. To qualify, the person recommended by you must put your email address in the ‘how did you find out about this course’ box on the Booking Form. If they don’t we cannot link it to you and you won’t be credited. If it is a Group Booking request, be sure that they mention it in the email or telephone call to us.
  3. The course must last at least the same number of hours as the course that you attended. If you Booked an individual place, then only individual recommended places count. If you made a Group Booking, Group Bookings only count (It gets too complicated otherwise).
  4. It must be a full-price place that they Book. If they directly qualify for a discount, we reserve the right to disallow your credit.
  5. For individual places, if they Book more than one place you will get a credit for each place that they book
  6. If your place was Booked by someone else we need their written permission to allow you to be part of the scheme. Just get them to drop us an email.
  7. There is no time limit to recommending people but each person / Organisation / Branch can only count once.
  8. We have tried to list these rules in clear English but reserve the Right to amend them or suspend / withdraw the entire scheme without notice.

If you have any questions about this do get in touch with us. You don’t need to register, just start recommending.