At the end of a ProTrainings course you will have some, or all of the following:

  • Course assessment sheets *
  • Learner registration forms *
  • Learner MCQ answer sheets
  • Learner evaluation forms
  • Reasonable adjustments / Special Considerations Form(s) *

The ‘*’ represents forms that currently have no electronic equivalent and will need to be scanned and uploaded

The MCQ and Evaluation forms may not exist if the MCQ test is taken online. In addition, there may be a mixture of online and paper-based tests taken. You might have 12 learners, but only 7 took the online test, leaving you 5 MCQs to mark and 5 MCQs & evaluation forms to scan & email

We expect you to scan (to PDF) and upload directly to the ProTrainings Dashboard any hard copy paperwork.

We will still carry out IQA sampling on the paperwork before marking as ‘passed’ and paying invoices.

Shredding: We will advise you when you can shred any paperwork you have. This is normally in the same email where we have advised you that you r invoice has been paid.

Information for paperwork scanning using either method

Format for sending / uploading

All paperwork is to be scanned to PDF at a medium quality resolution or higher. 150dpi is about right, lower and it might be unreadable, too much higher and the set of files become unreasonably large.

Make sure it is decent quality (e.g. camera phone photographs may not always be readable). Do not send images (jpg, png etc.) as they are just too large and cannot be uploaded to ProTrainings. If you do photograph the sheets you need to convert them to a PDF before sending. We will reject paperwork sent as images and your email software may object, too!

We have a decent PDF editor so can cope with most things, but this order is always good…

Ideally send as a single PDF with the paperwork the right way up and in this order

  • Assessment sheets
  • Learner Registration Forms
  • Reasonable adjustment / special consideration sheet(s)
  • MCQ answers (marked)
  • Evaluation Forms.

We can, however, cope with each of those grouped and sent as separate PDFs. Group each type of form into categories – all Registration forms in one PDF for instance. Don’t group them by learner.

We are not keen on 1 PDF email attachment for each sheet as that will be a lot to assemble. If that is all you can do, then so be it. Promise yourself a better scanner for Christmas.

Sending to 4 Minutes – Internal courses only

email the PDF(s) to us.

Uploading to ProTrainings

Have your PDFs ready. If you are uploading to the Dashboard, you do not need to additionally send them through to 4 Minutes as we can download them from the dashboard for IQA purposes

Log on to your Dashboard and select your course. If it is the same day you will see it listed when you log in, If not, you will need to navigate to your Course list and select the relevant one.

Click on ‘Course paperwork’, then ‘Choose files’. Once all files are selected (you can upload more than one at a time), click ‘Upload’. Repeat if necessary.

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