We train hundreds of students a year locally and across the UK. On the courses they receive a Goody bag. If you run a Business and want to get your name out Locally or Nationally you can put a small item into these if you wish. Examples might be

  • Promotional leaflet (A5 max)
  • Discount voucher
  • Free gift (e.g. newly launched biscuit bar or branded promotional item)

We are also looking for someone that would like to supply the actual Goody bags themselves (with their own branding). Currently we use Ziplock bags but would prefer recyclable paper bags longer term. A bit like the Sandwich bags that you can get.

Brown paper bag

You supply the items and we will ensure they are bagged. The cost is £25 per 100.

Previous customer? – special offer

If you have Booked and paid for a course for someone or a Group in the last 12 months then you may try the idea out and have 50 items for free. Call us to discuss further 01628 56 99 22.

Please note

  • You can choose ‘Local’ or ‘National’. ‘National’ means that your items will go to all students on all of our courses across the UK. ‘Local’ will restrict them to courses in Berkshire, South Oxfordshire (Oxford and everywhere South of Oxford) and South Bucks (Aylesbury and everywhere South of Aylesbury). If you are providing a Service local to us, there is no point advertising to someone in Derby…
  • All our courses are eligible – so First Aid, Pet First Aid and Mental Health First Aid. Generally students are 16 or over.
  • We plan on running local courses aimed at under-18s at some point. If you would like to promote to this target audience, let us know and we will be in touch once these courses are running.
  • Our decision whether or not the brand / item is suitable to be associated with is final
  • We try and make sure that only one supplier per trade is promoted (so only one Chiropractor for example). Where you provide more than one service we will need to consider it in light of existing advertisers. First come, first served is the main rule.
  • All advertisers will also be listed on a dedicated page on the website and we will run regular shout-outs on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so do let us know your pages / handles when signing up.

These are the current bags. If there is not room we will start a second bag per person. We will keep the Ziplock bags to keep the First Aid items hygienic but would really love something more eco-friendly for promotional goods!





If you want to know more, just give us a call 01628 56 99 22