These notes are mainly for Andy’s benefit, but feel free to use.

ProTrainings allows combined courses. For instance, the EFAW & EPFA courses are very similar so it makes sense to run them both together if a client needs it. The downside is that when using ProTrainings, each qualification needs a MCQ sat. The learner has to complete two MCQs and there will be a lot of overlap in the questions.

ProTrainings has come up with a fudge that allows certain combinations to be taken, but with one combined MCQ test. These combinations are currently:

  • Outdoor Pursuits with EFAW
  • PFA and Forest School
  • PFA and Forest School and EFAW

Set up the course

When you set the course up, scroll down the course list to the “Combined Courses” group and select this

Inside there, you can choose your course combination out of (currently)

  • EPFA Main with EFAW add on (USE FOR EXAM)
  • Outdoor Pursuits 16 Hour Main with EFAW add on (USE FOR EXAM)
  • PFA Main with Forest Schools add on (USE FOR EXAM)
  • PFA Main with Forest Schools and EFAW add on (USE FOR EXAM)

Choosing one of these combinations will populate a combined online classroom test.

You should register the learners on this course to complete the combined test, which means there is no need to login to the add-on course to complete that test.

By marking the learner(s) as passed on the chosen course, they will receive a Certificate for the Main qualification.

You MUST also create & Register the learner(s) on the separate add-on course(s) and upload a document referring them to the Main qualification so ProTrainings knows they have completed the combined test for both / all three subjects.

The learners are awarded individual certificates for each of the qualifications.

Worked example for EPFA and EFAW

  • Create combined EPFA / EFAW course and also EFAW standalone course
  • Create learner if needed and add them to the combined course and also the EFAW
  • On the EFAW click ‘add student’ then tick the ‘find student’ box and search for the learner. Add them to the EFAW course
  • When done, click ‘class details’ and for each student, click the folder symbol and upload a PDF document referring to the main qualification. Unless ProTrainings suggest otherwise I’ve been using this wording (obviously reword for whichever combo you are using):

This Learner sat the combined EPFA and EFAW course.

Please refer to the EPFA Main with EFAW add on (USE FOR TEST) course on the same date for the online combined test result

  • Use the QR code / web link for them to sit the combined MCQ
  • Once done, mark learner as ‘passed’ on both courses and two separate certificates will be created

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