First Aid Trainers wanted

If you are a qualified First Aid Trainer looking for ad hoc work, 4 Minutes would like to hear from you.

4 Minutes runs First Aid courses all over the UK from its base in the South East. It is looking for Trainers to deliver its courses, both public and private. We don’t take on many Freelancers, we just have a core set of reliable ones. Fewer Freelancers = more work per Freelancer.

Whether we take you on will partly depend on your location & how far you are willing to travel as we only take on trainers where we have gaps in our coverage. If you work a reasonable distance from a fixed base, this is great. If, however, you are peripatetic and travel across the UK wherever the work is we can accommodate that as well.

We prefer those that can teach a wide range of courses. The more versatile you are the more work we can give you.

In return we can offer a decent day rate, cancellation / postponement payments, some mileage, accommodation if required, prompt payment.

Minimum Requirements

  • Recognised teaching and assessing qualification(s)
  • Competence in First Aid (Regulated 3-day First Aid at Work as a minimum, but other qualifications (e.g. FRECs) are also valid if accepted by our Trade / Awarding Bodies)
  • Prehospital experience. We want our trainers to have a working knowledge of First Aid. Yes, you are technically allowed to teach with a FAW and a teaching / assessing qualification but in our experience those that have practical First Aid experience make better trainers. Examples of suitable documented experience:
    • Ambulance Service
    • First Responder (paid or Community (CFR) )
    • Experienced First Aider with one of the VAS or a Private Medical Company
    • Other frontline experience – e.g. ex-military, A&E
  • Good level of equipment, above minimum requirements e.g.
    • At least 6 Adult manikins (excluding the one that you teach with)
    • Ditto child and baby if teaching paediatric First Aid
    • If fewer than 12 manikins of each type, a suitable hygienic method for swapping between learners. For example each learner has their own manikin face to swap in plus wipes to clean manikin torso during the swap.
    • At least 6 training defibrillators
    • Sufficient consumables such as bandages, face shields, cleaning wipes, gloves etc.

We appreciate that the HSE minimum equipment requirement is 1 per 4 trainers. We find training is more efficient and we get higher student feedback from 1:2 or better.

You will need to register (for free) as a Trainer with our Trade Body (ProTrainings) and agree to our Terms of working. By registering with ProTrainings, that opens you up to Freelance work elsewhere anyway.

In return we offer the following:

  • Personal first refusal for any repeat Clients that you have previously delivered for
  • Collective first refusal for our courses that need covering before opening out to new Trainers.
  • £200 per 6-hour day (e.g. EFAW / FAW (per day) )
  • £250 per 8-hour day (e.g. Outdoor, Forest School)
  • Mileage over 50 miles round trip per course @40p / mile. First 50 miles are included in the Daily rate, above
  • Payment if courses are cancelled or postponed. It is frustrating as a Freelancer if you get courses cancelled without payment and without (or with short) notice as you probably cannot fill the void. We have a sliding scale of compensation so that if our Client postpones or cancels you will get something back (depending upon the time to the course).
  • We will book & pay for accommodation for you if we agree it’s appropriate
  • Invoices paid within 1 week (subject to return of all correctly completed & unused material)
  • Annual observation visits. We will observe you delivering a course. The aim is once a year. During the Observation visit we can chat about delivering courses, answer any questions that you may have and compile a Report. You will get a copy that you can use elsewhere as an Annual Observation Report *, saving you the expense of paying for an Observer.
  • Profit share. Commencing 2024 we may be implementing a Profit Share scheme. Whilst the details are to be finalised it will be based on the number of teaching hours you deliver for 4 Minutes as a fraction of total hours 4 Minutes delivers with an adjustment for any IQA issues (if any). It will be paid in arrears after the Year End once the Accounts have been finalised.

* Subject to the Governing Organisation accepting it

About 4 Minutes

  • 4 Minutes was established in 2016. Its owner, Andy has been teaching First Aid since the 1980s and self-employed since 1997
  • 4 Minutes has a good reputation amongst its clients with many repeat customers over the years. It won an Award from former ‘Dragon’, Theo Paphitis in 2018.
  • 4 Minutes does very well on Google Searches so there is a steady stream of enquiries. In addition, it employs a part time PA, part of whose remit is to promote 4 Minutes and its courses.
  • 4 Minutes focuses on First Aid, with the following courses in its core:
    • 1 and 3- day workplace (EFAW / FAW)
    • 1 and 2-day Paediatric (EPFA / PFA)
    • Forest School
    • 1 and 2-day Outdoor Activity
  • This represents, probably, 95% of its courses with the rest being Bespoke client-focussed courses.
  • For clients that need to step outside of First Aid – Mental Health FA, H&S for example – it has some partner organisations that it refers work to. It has no plans to expand into this field.

If you are interested, please do the following:

  1. Send a CV plus covering email to info AT
  2. Complete this short Application form
  3. If we are interested, we will let you know, then you can….
    • Register with ProTrainings – (if not already Registered with them)
    • Send us a copy of your Teaching and Assessing qualification(s)
    • We will send you a ‘new trainer’ Agreement form for completion, laying out our expectations
    • Once the ProTrainings registration is complete we will work together to add you to our Centre
    • You are Good to Go. We will carry out an Observation of your teaching on (ideally) the first course you teach and about once a year subsequently