ProTrainings courses have a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) paper at the end of each of its courses. Traditionally these have been paper-based, however ProTrainings now offers an online version of the MCQ. From 1st September 2023 we are encouraging 4 Minutes’ Trainers to use the online version of the MCQ as it is better for a number of reasons. From 1st October it will become the norm.

  • It is marked online by ProTrainings and any incorrect answers are immediately fed back to the learner online. There is no need for the Trainer to do any marking. When you consider that a FAW is 48 questions and there can be up to 12 in a Class that is a lot of ticking and we have noticed errors in the marking. You will save yourself the effort of marking, passing the marked papers back for feedback, the collecting them up again.
  • There is no need for paper copies, so there is no need to scan and return the answer sheets and the environmental impact of printing test papers and questions is minimised.
  • Any typos with Learner names will be picked up either before the course or on the day as they need the correct spelling of their name to log in to the test. This can be corrected there and then. No guessing at spellings of names or email addresses, therefore no need to reprint Certificates.
  • Less paperwork to scan and return to 4 Minutes. It’s literally just the Course forms and the Learner Registration Forms.
  • Feedback appears on our website instantly, which you can use as well. You will get a weekly feedback summary from ProTrainings.
  • Less for you to do, less processing for us = less time spent = more profitable for both of us.

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