4Minutes is happy to accept advert links on this website, our Newsletter and will also distribute Marketing material on our courses. Your Options are:

Course promotional items

We hand out Goody bags. Why not let us put one of your flyers, vouchers or freebies in there too? We have a separate page to tell you about this, so click here for full details.

Links List page

  • Commercial Organisations and National Charities: £50 per year
  • Regional & local to Berkshire Charities: Free, but you need to provide a reciprocal link (see below) back to the 4Minutes Home Page before the advert is accepted. Requirements – Name of organisation, up to 100 characters description and your choice of link to your landing page

General information

  • All links to be healthcare based in some form or other.
  • As more links are added, you will be categorised more accurately so that visitors can find you more quickly. 4Minutes will choose your category and advise you if it changes. If you would prefer an alternative category, just ask.
  • No First Aid Training Companies! Other types of Training companies will be considered.
  • All adverts are for a minimum of 1 year, payable in full in advance. 4Minutes will get in touch with you at the end of the year to see if you wish to continue the advert. All adverts will be displayed alphabetically within the lists.

Reciprocal Link information

Text4Minutes First Aid Training
Link Title TAG4Minutes First Aid Training
Targetyour choice
Sample code<a title="4Minutes First Aid Training" href="http://4Minutes.co.uk/">4Minutes First Aid Training</a>


We send out a Newsletter approximately every quarter to students that have been on our courses (and that have signed up) or external newsletter sign-ups. Advertising is on a per-Newsletter basis and we can add an advert within it. The advert can contain up to 500 words, one image and a call to action link. It will be headed –Advertisement–

Price depends on our subscriber list at the time and is £10 per 100 subscribers (rounded down to nearest 50). At the moment, this are approximately 1,000.

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