Sports First Aid courses are aimed at those working with in a sporting environment, either trainers or parents/volunteers assisting within clubs.

If you are not sure what type of course you need, check out our list of organisations and their requirements. We try and match our courses to those needs, but you should always check that any recommendations will meet your criteria

Compliance Guide

Types of Sports First Aid courses

First Aid for indoor Sports, exercise and dance instructors

This 4 hour course covers the basic needs for instructors, teachers and volunteer helpers to gain First Aid knowledge in a Sports or Dance environment. If you have specific Governing Body requirements, we advise you to check with us first or look at our compliance list here to ensure that this is the most appropriate course. Some Bodies require a higher level of First Aid knowledge such as Return to Play decisions, Maddox questions etc.

Also take a look at the Nationally recognised 6-hour Emergency First Aid at Work course.

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Bespoke Sports First Aid

If you just want a short course to cover the basics and perhaps some topics specific to your activity, then why not consider a bespoke course. Starting at 3 hours, we can cover core topics and have time for an open discussion about anything else that you consider pertinent.

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