You can telephone us on 01628 56 99 22 during office hours or you can use this Form for General enquiries. To request a Group Quotation or to register for an individual place, read on….

General Enquiry

Please fill out the form, remembering to check the ‘General Enquiry’ button. and we will get back to you.

Group Booking

A Group Booking can save you money compared to individual places and can be held at a time and place convenient to you. Complete the Form, remembering to check the ‘Group Booking’ button.

Individual place(s)

Most of our courses are Private Group Bookings. Some of these will allow any spare seats to be sold on and we can let you know when this happens. We also do run public courses in some locations in the UK and current ones can be found on our Calendar page. If there is not a course close to you and you want to be notified when one is organised, complete the Form, checking the ‘Individual Place box and we will notify you when one comes up.

    Individual PlaceGroup BookingGeneral enquiry


    Not sure? Click here or call us

    As a rough rule of thumb, unless you know that you do need a Regulated course, then a non-Regulated course will usually be appropriate

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