Private group Course Booking – points to consider when booking 4 minutes

This page was last updated 8th June 2020.

From 15th June 2020 4 Minutes is returning to delivering courses to non-essential workers. In other words, if you are looking for a Private Group Booking please do get in touch wherever in the UK you are. (For Public courses, check out the list on our Calendar)

Over and above normal course requirements we will be asking the following questions on your Booking Form. This will give you an idea of whether your venue is suitable and, if not, whether you will need to factor in the hire of a separate venue. If any questions are answered ‘no’ we may need to have further discussions. It doesn’t mean that we cannot run the course, it just means that we need to discuss how  to ensure that the Trainer and the Students are as safe as is reasonable. Please note that the Trainer will have the right to not proceed with the course if they think that it is unsafe.

Host & Venue requirements

The venue will be required to have the following in place:

  • Enough marked out space to provide the latest Government distancing rules – currently 2 metres. Take into consideration floor practicals such as the Recovery Position
  • A room that may be ventilated (opening windows)
  • The room has been cleaned prior to the start of the course
  • Handwashing facilities – either in the room or nearby – along with usage instructions
  • All learners have been provided with the pre-course information supplied by 4 Minutes (1x general sheet plus 1x COVID-19 sheet). Hard copy or electronic will suffice.

Click the image to see the questionnaire:

COVID-19 venue requirements

(these questions are subject to revision)

Learner requirements

Learners will each be required to provide the following (although the Organisation may agree to provide some on their behalf).

  • Face covering as per Government public space guidance. It does not (currently) need to be surgical grade, however if students bring their own then they can choose something that they will be comfortable with. Wearing is compulsory for close-contact practicals, optional at all other times.
  • Individual pen
  • Own lunch
  • Consider bringing own bottled drinks unless the venue provides these or a hygienic way of dispensing drinks

Learners will also be asked about whether they have any Coronavirus symptoms, whether they, or anyone that they are cohabiting with are self-isolating and they must also agree to having their temperature taken on arrival. Failure to agree to answer / have their temperature taken or if any of the results/answers are unsatisfactory means that they will not be able to participate.

Note that whilst a lot of practicals are being adapted to minimise physical contact, there is still a need for some interaction – for example the Recovery Position. Learners will still need to be assessed and will not be able to pass if they do not demonstrate competence. The time when learnerss are in close proximity will be minimised and, in any case, kept below the 15 Minutes Government guidance. Handwashing (before & after) and the wearing of gloves and face masks will be compulsory.

4 Minutes will provide (over and above regular training equipment)

  • Nitrile gloves (1 pair) for hands-on practicals
  • Training faceshield for Resuscitation practice and assessment
  • Alcohol-based wipes for each learner to clean their Manikin prior to their use
  • Non-contact thermometer for temperature measurement and recording at the start of the course.