Since March 2020, 4 Minutes has not been delivering any face to face training.

Online courses across a variety of subjects (not just First Aid) are still available here, but please note that certain courses such as Paediatric First Aid and Workplace First Aid still require a classroom-based element. See here for our cautionary note.

Current Government guidance

If you cannot work from home you should go to work.

The Business should ensure the safety of its employees and this may include making sure it has sufficient trained First Aiders.

Qualifications due to expire after mid-March can be extended. See the following guidance for the Official take:

HSE Guidance

If first aid cover for your business is reduced because of coronavirus or you can’t get the first aid training you need, there are some things you can do so that you still comply with the law.

You should review your first aid needs assessment and decide if you can still provide the cover needed for the workers that are present and the activities that they are doing.

First Aid training is allowed for “essential workers”. This is a bit of a vague term. Clearly NHS workers and careworkers are classed as essential, however you could also classify any of the following as essential

  • Telecom engineers
  • Manufacturing staff
  • Security staff
  • Construction workers – construction sites are now reopened
  • Water and electricity engineers
  • and so on.

Our point is that most organisations may well have key / essential workers. If your updated Risk Assessment determines that you need staff and that those staff need First Aid qualifications and that you do not have enough staff with in-date qualifications, then talk to us.

Classroom training from 1st June

Essential Workers

As of 1st June we will be happy to deliver First Aid Training to essential workers as above. Currently this will only be at our Training Centre in Maidenhead, Berkshire and numbers per course will be limited to 6 per course to maintain distancing. Safety measures will be in place (see below). The only courses covered until lockdown has eased are Emergency First Aid at Work, Emergency Paediatric First Aid and Paediatric First Aid.

Other Workers

Once the government moves the Threat level to 3 – which is currently anticipated to also be 1st June then we will widen the scope of students in line with our Awarding Organisation’s guidance and recommendations. Get in touch now if you want to be advised of new course dates.

Refer back to our website or sign up to our Newsletter to be kept up to date with when we start to deliver the whole range of courses.

How is 4 Minutes achieving safe training?

  • Pre-course, students will be advised to:
    • Not attend if they are exhibiting any symptoms of Coronavirus
    • Bring a pen, lunch and, if they want, their own mug
    • Bring face protection of their choosing
  • On arrival, students will need to confirm that:
    • They do not have any of the signs or symptoms of Coronavirus
    • They are not cohabiting with anyone showing the signs and symptoms of Coronavirus
    • Neither they nor anyone they are cohabiting with are self-isolating
    • They agree to advise 4 Minutes if they develop any Coronavirus symptoms within 14 days of completing the course and they agree that this information can be shared to all students on the course
  • During the course:
    • Each student will have his/her own mannikin, face shield and bandage(s) for the course.
    • Students will stay 2m apart where possible
    • Where not possible (e.g. Recovery Position), hands will be washed before and after and face masks worn for the duration
    • Students are welcome to wear masks for the duration of the course although there is no obligation to (except as described above)
    • If they develop symptoms they will be asked to leave by the Trainer
  • After the course
    • If they develop coronavirus symptoms within 14 days of the course completing then are asked to contact 4 Minutes so that other students may be advised

4 Minutes will provide the following:

  • Handwashing facilities
  • Individual Mannikins. These will be cleaned after each course
  • Alcohol Cleaning wipes
  • Individual bandages. Students can take these home or dispose of them
  • Faceshields for resuscitation
  • A non-contact infrared thermometer will be available should anyone wish to be tested, however asymptomatic students will not be routinely tested as a false negative (infected but not with a temperature) will give a false sense of security

The Trainer’s decision is final. If a student is asked to leave the course for Coronavirus-related reasons, they should do so. 4 Minutes will be advised and the student will be given the opportunity to reschedule at no extra cost once they symptom-free for at least 14 days.

If you want to make a Group Booking with 4 Minutes, call or email us.

If you are an individual looking for a class, take a look at our course calendar or sign up to our Newsletter to be advised of new course dates.