4 Minutes does not send out paperwork. You need to print out what is required. Here are the latest versions of all the forms for you to download & print where needed. Some are in WORD format as well. If you have the ability to edit on the day (tablet, laptop) feel free to do so as you go along. You can then save as PDF and email / upload without any printing required.


  • This will always be the latest version. I will update you when versions change.
  • Any suggestions for improvements are always appreciated
  • If you want to know what you need for a course, see here. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct electronic versions of the forms and also sufficient paper backups (e.g. no WiFi for MCQs and online evaluation forms)

ProTrainings Forms

Course Evaluation Form

Reasonable adjustments Form – keep a few spare

Special Consideration Form – keep a few spare

Professional Discussion Form – keep a few spare

4 Minutes Forms

Registration Form

Evaluation Form – for when there is no WiFi / smartphone etc available.

Candidate Discussion Form – keep a few spare. Use for any generic discussion such as issues arising on the day. As opposed to…

Candidate Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration Form . You can read our Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration Policy here (New tab). Please acquaint yourself with the differences between the two.

QR Code (standalone image for integration into a Powerpoint presentation)

QR Code on A4 PDF with instructions. Suggested use: print and laminate a single copy.

Click here to our public Policy Page should you need to refer to any specific Policies.

Room size: In case of dispute about the room size / temperature / facilities please read this document. It is linked to within any Quotation that we send out to Clients. New tab.

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