If you are running a course for us that is certified by ProTrainings you will need the following as of 1st October 2023.

From 1st October 2023 we expect our Trainers to use the online MCQ papers wherever possible, not the paper-based ones and we also expect you to upload completed paperwork to your ProTrainings Dashboard after the course.

ProTrainings has not quite eliminated the Course assessment paperwork nor the need tor a Registration Form with a wet signature (but it is working on that).

See the advantages of carrying out the online MCQs here.

We do appreciate, however that some learners have non-smart ‘phones that don’t have Browsers and that there can be battery issues on the day or the location can have signal issues. Some learners even don’t have mobile ‘phones at all. There is not much we can do about any of that, although there are options such as using a spare laptop or tablet and using a ‘phone as a WiFi hotspot. Because of this please carry the following as a Plan ‘B’.

  • A complete set (x12) of printed MCQ questions and the marking sheet for the course in question *
  • A complete set (x 12) of blank MCQ answer sheets for the course in question *
  • A complete set (x12) evaluation forms
  • A reasonable number of Professional Discussion sheets, Reasonable adjustment Forms and Special Consideration Forms. Say 3 or 4 of each.

* One set for each type of course that you run for 4 Minutes – EFAW, FAW etc.

Hopefully you have these already or are happy to print out, however if you ask we will send you a set of whatever you need. I recommend that you laminate the MCQ question sheet (and your answer sheet) as the learners have a habit of occasionally writing their answers on the questions sheet.

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