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Online Paediatric and Workplace courses – warning

We have noticed a few websites offering online-only versions of these courses. They DO NOT meet the requirements for Paediatric or Workplace First Aid staff as laid down by the HSE and are a false economy. First Aiders trained this way cannot be classed as Workplace or Paediatric Workplace First Aiders. Clues that they do not comply are:

  • They do not meet the minimum hours (6 for emergency First Aid at Work and Emergency Paediatric First Aid, 12 for Paediatric First Aid and 18 for First Aid at Work) teaching time.
  • They state “CPD Accredited”. This means nothing. They are not Accredited by an Ofqual approved Business. “CPD Accreditaton” is meaningless.
  • No classroom element is needed. It is needed for the genuine qualification.
  • A ridiculously cheap price. £10-20 for the qualification.

In a Paediatric environment, these qualifications will not count towards staff ratios.

In a Paediatric or Workplace environment, if there is an accident or incident that requires investigating, your Business will have to justify why it had unqualified First Aiders. Did you do your ‘due diligence’?

If you are in a Business that does not required qualified First Aiders, it is better than nothing, but still no substitute for hands-on training. Would you trust your car to a mechanic that learnt using YouTube?

If you want to find out if a course that you have found meets legal requirements, or is suitable for your needs please do call or email 4 Minutes. We are more than happy to have a chat with you.

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  1. […] Online courses across a variety of subjects (not just First Aid) are still available here, but please note that certain courses such as Paediatric First Aid and Workplace First Aid still require a classroom-based element. See here for our cautionary note. […]

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