Welcome to 4 Minutes Training. Here is the core information that you need to know as a first time Trainer. If you need to know more, firstly explore Trainer Central (TC). If that doesn’t answer your question then please contact Andy directly

You are a Freelancer for 4 Minutes for the duration of any course that you deliver. You are responsible for invoicing us and also managing your own tax affairs. All training equipment is to be provided by you apart from manuals, which we will provide. Do read the Contract on Trainer Central as it is valid for all courses that you run for us.

As long as you deliver a comprehensive course that assesses all the Learning Outcomes for all the Learners we are not prescriptive about how it is delivered. Some trainers use Powerpoints, some none. We can provide you with a 4 Minutes Branded set for all courses (just ask) and ProTrainings has its own sets for any courses certified by them. If you use your own, please make sure they are unbranded.

Turn up in plenty of time to do a venue RA and set up before the class arrives. Ask Andy if you need a Risk Assessment ProForma.

We minimise paperwork as much as possible. We expect you to print out what you need (included in your fee). We or ProTrainings can provide you with PDF masters as appropriate, but also a lot can be run without any, or minimal paperwork. Look in TC as to what you should have with you as a reserve. Hang on to unused manuals until next time to minimise Postage costs.

You are representing 4 Minutes, so please be smart & courteous. Make sure that you explain to the learners at the beginning of the course that our Complaints procedure can be found on the website. Document any issues and refer to us as appropriate.

We will IQA you from time to time. If you need a copy for your records, or would like us to complete a different one for you, just ask. Visits may or may not be announced.

We don’t micromanage. Deliver a good course, manage the paperwork promptly (upload or email back to us as required) and we will check it over promptly and pay you promptly if all is in order. We try and give first refusal to future jobs in your area if all went well, too.

If you are not Registered with ProTrainings you can do so here:


Once Registered, or if you are already, email compliance@protrainings.uk and ask to be added as a Trainer to our Centre.

Remember – it’s good to talk. Any questions or issues or suggestions please get in touch with Andy. We all benefit from a great ongoing working relationship.

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