Who ya gonna call?

First published 2013. Updated 2023 A couple of reports earlier this year have found that a) we are normally never more than six foot away from our mobiles and also that we suffer withdrawal symptoms if we are parted from it for too long. Whilst this smacks of a Society that is increasingly dependent upon,…

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Clearing up a few myths

There is plenty of anecdotal advice doing the rounds of Social Media. Here we clear and clarify a few of those. This Blog is a Work in Progress. “Cough CPR” If I think I’m having a Heart Attack or I think my heart has stopped I should cough vigorously. Firstly, if your heart stops, you…

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Workplace photograph

Online Paediatric First Aid and Workplace First Aid courses – warning

Online Paediatric and Workplace courses – warning We have noticed a few websites offering online-only versions of these courses. They DO NOT meet the requirements for Paediatric or Workplace First Aid staff as laid down by the HSE and are a false economy. First Aiders trained this way cannot be classed as Workplace or Paediatric…

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